About Us

As a Ukrainian-American working within the closely-guarded fraternity of custom tailoring, she realized there must be a more inclusive, more modern way to preserve the great traditions of the past and bring them into the 21st century.With this in mind, Ksenia set off on a mission to change the sartorial world. VESTIUM would be born with a different vision based on inclusivity and celebrating people's individual beauty regardless of race, age, sex or body type. VESTIUM would become a home not only for great Sartorial creations but it would also educate and inspire people to explore their unique style. But that's not all. VESTIUM would also become a home for creators and dynamic collaborations with artists, musicians and other innovators.

VESTIUM’s mission is to elevate the sartorial tradition by modernizing it for today's world. This means creating for all races, ages, genders and body types. It also means using smart technology and never being complacent with what's worked before. It's about taking risks and embracing new ideas for our ever-changing world.


Every Customer Has a Unique Sense of Style
We're there to understand and express our customers' personal style.
Commitment to Excellence
Every garment must meet the highest standards. This means using only the finest English and Italian materials with production in Portugal (custom clothing) and Spain (custom shoes).
Fair Pricing
Our exclusive deals with wholesalers allow us to pass on the value to our customers.
We live in a dynamic multifaceted society where all races, ages, genders and body types deserve to be included.
Creativity and Collaboration
We're obsessed with the creative process and always want to partner with other like-minded creators.